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Wood industry

Oiling and waxing wood

For the one-sided or two-sided application of oil and waxes, the roller applicators have been used since 1986. LW 100, LW 120, DWO und DDWO used with specially developed rollers.

The amount of oil applied can be infinitely adjusted with the special rollers from 4 - 23 grams/m² and 15 - 70 g/m². A different roller is used for smooth woods than for brushed, textured woods.

Furniture factories and craftsmen use the machines not only because of the quantity of wood, but because of the evenly oiled wood surface.

Coloured oils in particular can be applied exactly to the gram, and the colouring is correspondingly uniform.

For plank / parquet manufacturers, the combination of roller applicator, with application from the top, conveyor belt and distributor heads mounted above, with 400 or 600 mm width, offers a complete economic production unit.

The disc brushes and round pads work the oiled surface and drive away the oil residue.

For furniture manufacturers, the plate size 635 mm is optimal.

All sizes of "WIRTH" roller applicators are available for oil application LW 100, LW 120, DWO and DDWO suitable.

In addition to roller applicators for oil, the machines can be converted into applicators for lacquers, stains or lyes within minutes by changing the rollers.

Machines for distributing the media or for intermediate sanding can also be supplied from a single source.

Buerstschleifmaschine als mobile Einheit

Brush grinding machine

Many coating processes require sanding or smoothing of the surface. The latest model of our Wirth brush sanding machine is here!

Furniture industry

Glue application for the furniture industry.

Honeycomb panels

Gluing honeycomb panels

Soaps of woods

Ecological treatment of woods. The soaping of woods as an environmentally friendly protection for floors and other surfaces made of wood.

Vertical distribution of stains, oils and glazes on profile timbers

Vertical distribution of lacquers, glues and glazes or oil with economical machines and hold-downs from Oberkochen
Primer Coatings

Primer application

Application of water- or solvent-based primers
Leimauftragsmaschine, 1KPU auftragen

Cold PU-adhesive

Cold PU adhesives, glue spreaders, 1KPU, 2KPU,

Coating Plants for Veneer Edges

Professional coating of veneer edges

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