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Coating medium

Oils, paints, adhesives, glues, waxes - we process (almost) all application media.

Our machines are as versatile as the media to be processed.

Soaps of woods

Ecological treatment of woods. The soaping of woods as an environmentally friendly protection for floors and other surfaces made of wood.
Leimauftragsmaschine, 1KPU auftragen

Cold PU-adhesive

Cold PU adhesives, glue spreaders, 1KPU, 2KPU,

UV Oil

UV oils are often used as an efficient alternative to oxydative oil.

Oil / Wax

Since 1986, we have been using the LW 100 and LW 120 roller applicators

Laugen, Beizen und Farben

Finishing of surfaces with rollable media.


Application of water-soluble and solvent-based media with glue application machines.


Almost forgotten is the soaping of furniture and floors. In Scandinavia this is a standard procedure in order to protect wood. On the one hand, there are ready-made industrial soaps, which can be applied by the WIRTH-roller applicators without any problem. On the other hand some customers mix their soap themselves. Depending on the viscosity […]

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