Coating medium

Oils, paints, adhesives, glues, waxes - we process (almost) all application media.

So vielfältig wie die zu verarbeitenden Medien, so vielfältig einsetzbar sind unsere Maschinen.

UV Oil

UV oils are often used as an efficient alternative to oxydative oil. After an exact sanding, the application of the base coat is ideally done by a reverse roller coater, type DDWO. Accurate to within a gram, UV oil can be applied also on brushed surfaces by application and simultaneous take-off of the oil. After […]
Dosing roller machine Typ DDWO with Distributor unit Type VE400


Lacquering wood is still in vogue. Axel Wirth Maschinen offers the possibility of efficient and reliable use of water-based lacquer, two-component lacquers or UV lacquers. Water-based lacquer:The roller applicators type LW, DWO and DDWO are appropriate for the application of water-based lacquer. Water-based lacquer is to be applied in several coats by a sponge rubber […]
Leimauftragsmaschine, 1KPU auftragen

Cold PU-adhesive

Under special conditions, cold PU glues can be rolled on with repetitive accuracy. Rollers can be removed for cleaning, and can be produced with chemical resistance against the cleaners. The essential parts of the machine are made of stainless steel and are therefore very resistant. Bondings are e.g. wood – synthetic material foamed material – […]

Oil / Wax

Since 1986, we have been using the LW 100 and LW 120 roller applicators with custom-designed rollers to apply oil and wax on wood on one or two sides. Infinitely variable oil quantity thanks to special rollers from 4 – 23 gram/m² and 15 – 70 g/m². For smooth wood, the roller is not the […]

Lying and Staining

Lying or staining wood, especially in floor production, e. g. floorboards. The same roller can be used for aqueous stain. For oil-based stain, we have a special application roller: 15-70 g/m² infinitely variable. Application always neat and in same high quality.

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