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Metering roller machine DWO

Adhesive application system, oil application machine, lacquer application machine

Universal roller coater for very small application quantities.

The dosing roller machine type DWO is the universal roller applicator also for very small application quantities, from water-thin, low-viscosity media to pasty, high-viscosity substances such as UV fillers, adhesives and lacquers. In the explosion-proof version, even difficult-to-handle media with high solvent content can be applied to flat and structured surfaces with the DWO metering roller machine. The application is carried out optionally from above or below, but can also be carried out on 2 sides on request.

The DWO metering roller machine at a glance:

  • universally applicable
  • suitable for smallest application quantities from approx. 5g/m² and layer thicknesses from approx. 3µ
  •  for single-sided application from above or below, and for double-sided
  • metering roller with clockwise, anticlockwise rotation
  • Touchdisplay
  • Central height adjustment
  • Digital mechanical displays for exact adjustment
  • for oil, wax, glaze, primer, white glue, adhesive, soap, varnish, UV varnish,
  • for application on wood, parquet flooring, glass, cardboard, rigid foam boards, metal, stone, cork, rubber, …
  • in nominal widths of 450mm and 650mm

The roller applicator type DWO convinces with its easy handling, excellent cleanability and durable and valuable, robust construction made of stainless steel and aluminium. Whether for adhesive application, as a glue applicator, oil applicator or for varnish application - the metering roller machine type DWO is a powerful, economical solution for a wide range of requirements, also for UV materials.

Almost all flat substrates can be coated on the DWO metering roller machine. This machine type is used as a glue application machine, varnish application machine and adhesive application system in equal measure. The quick and easy roller change and the easy-to-clean design allow materials such as glues, oils, dispersions, paints, adhesives, synthetic resin adhesives, but also lacquers, waxes, soaps, primers, pastes and pasty adhesives, resins and contact adhesives to be used without any problems. And with over 60 different roller types and roller gummings, there is always the right grade for your application.

 For complex tasks, e.g. as an explosion-proof coating unit with a high feed rate, the dosing roller machine type DWO is integrated into interlinked systems, e.g. for the processing of solvent-based primers, adhesives, lacquers and much more. Our customers come from all sectors, such as glass coating, the production of automotive components and the further processing of ceramic tiles. The parquet industry also relies heavily on this type of machine. For the production of 2-layer, 3-layer and solid parquet, our dosing roller machines type DWO are used for oiling and lacquering. In the furniture industry, this roller application system is used for coating furniture fronts, frame elements, side pieces and structural and fitted shelves with oil. Thanks to the optional conveyor belt in cassette design, even small and smallest, thick and very thin workpieces can be conveyed safely - from short lengths of parquet floorboards to loudspeaker covers.

In conjunction with the touch display, the exact adjustability and the easy-to-read displays, the DWO machine type offers a high degree of process reliability as an oil and glue applicator and allows settings that have been made and documented to be reproduced reliably - with recipe management if required.

Nominal width / roller width450/460 mm650/660 mm
Clearance height100 mm100 mm
Rubberised applicator roller on top120 mm Ø120 mm Ø
Rubberised applicator roller below120 mm Ø120 mm Ø
Dosing roller made of stainless steel100 mm Ø100 mm Ø
Motor applicator roller0,37 kW0,55 kW
Motor metering roller0,38 kW0,38 kW
Electrics400/230 V, 50 HZ, 3 phases400/230 V, 50 HZ, 3 phases
Adjustable feed rate2 – 35 m/min2 – 35 m/min
Machine dimensionsWidth Depth Height1130 mm
800 mm
670 mm
1330 mm
800 mm
670 mm
Protective deviceSafety edge at the workpiece inlet. CE certificate
technical modifications reserved
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