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Vertical distribution of stains, oils and glazes on profile timbers

Vertical distribution of stains, oils and glazes on profile timbers

Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH is renowned for producing the best glue application machines, oil application machines and paint application machines for use in the craftsman and production industry. Its reputation also extends to surface coatings in the furniture and flooring industry.

Oiling, staining, lye application and painting have been among the main tasks of machines from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH for 30 years.

Profile coatings are a new addition to the portfolio. In this case, the coating process is carried out using the SPW 400 performance spraying machine.

But oils, stains and glazes on profile surfaces also need to be distributed.

To do this, a special universal machine has been developed that can be used for distribution with virtually all profiles.

Stains, oils and glazes can be distributed vertically thanks to many years of experience and the proven-in-practice design of the machinery. And all this with economic costs and exceptional quality of the end products.

The pressure pad brushes move the material to be coated into position, transporting it quickly and gently through the coating system. The subsequent distributor unit ensures a perfect finish. Our systems are able to process profiles as well as laths.

Upon request, the assemblies can be custom-configured in accordance with the client's requirements and if necessary even tried out in the test workshop.


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