Coating unit with ceramic roller

Roller printing systems

We put pressure on. "Wirth" now also produces roller printing systems

Roller Applicator DDWO

Roller Applicator Dosing roller system Reverse machine type DDWO For application by rollers of fluids such as lacquer, oil, UV-oil, wax, scumble, paint, stain, lye, glue ... on flat workpieces such as e.g. wood, cork,paperboard, high-resistant foam, metal, granite etc ... Application of lacquer, oil, wax, lye and stain on furniture, floors, parquets and cork […]

UV Lamp

Oil and colour manufacturers offer special UV-oils. After application and having been exposed to UV-light, the surface of the wood is dry. Application of UV-oils and UV-lacquers is done by our roller applicator DDWO and/or DWO. Successively to our distributor conveyor, there is installed a special UV-projector above the transport belt. Wavelength is determined by […]
Dosing Roller machine Type DWO

DWO 120

Dosing roller system type DWO for application by rollers of fluids such as glue (also cold PU-adhesive suitable for machines) Oil, UV-oil, wax, scumble, colour, stain, lye, . . . onto flat work pieces from materials such as wood, cork, cardboard, high-resistance foam, metal, granite . . . Application of oil, wax and stain onto […]

Custom products for your coating medium

You got a fluid which needs to be applied? Doesn’t matter whether you want to apply it on wood, metal, glass, cardboard, rubber, leather or other materials. We got solutions for:Oils, UV-Oils, glues, adhesives, varnishes, resins, lyes, stains, colors, silicones, epoxy resins, phenolic resins, etc. Your application medium wasn’t listed? Please ask us or directly […]

Rubber coating of rollers

Since 1986, Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH has been manufacturing roller applicators.The rollers are the tool which makes the difference. You can choose among more than 50 different rubber surfaces.You are looking for a type of roller which is not ready-made?It is a pleasure for us to find an adequate solution for your roller application.

Application by Rollers

Application by rollers captivates by the numerous advantages in application of glue, oil, lacquer, lye, stain, primer or other liquid media on plane surfaces. * high regularity* exact dosing* repetitive accuracy* short setup time* no need for exhaust resp. exhaust air * little loss of material Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH offers 3 different systems of […]
roller coater LW120

Dosing Roller System DWO 120

Dosing Roller System DWO 120

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