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An overview of our glue spreaders, roller presses, and metering roller machines

Our machines and systems are adapted according to customer requirements and can be used in many branches of industry, crafts, but also in product development.

Glue spreader from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH
Dosing Roller System DWO 120

Roller coating machine LW 120

Easy-to-clean glue and oil application machine
Dosing roller system Reverse machine DDWO Type DDWO for oil application, dose roller system DDWO

Roller Applicator DDWO

Two independent commissioned works for oil application
DWO 1500

DWO 1500 Roller application

Reliable application on the surface
Cleaning and dedusting unit-1

Cleaning machine

Cleaning unit and dust removal unit before coating materials such as panels, parquet, boards.
PAEX150 Primerauftrag

Primer applicator type PAEX 150

Primer application for solvent-based or water-based media
Metering roller system reverse machine DDWO with distributor unit

Distributor Conveyor ( oiling line )

A brief introduction to applying oils and stains to a variety of materials

UV Lamp

With the "Wirth" UV drying system you can dry UV oils, UV fillers, UV varnishes and other media with photoinitiators.

Heating Register for DWO and DDWO

A new feature in the program is a heating register for tempering paint, oil or other liquids. The control is carried out with an accuracy of up to 0.1°C in the medium.

Custom products for your coating medium

You got a fluid which needs to be applied?

Rubberising rollers

From the professional for the professional.
Walzenherstellung mit langjähriger Erfahrung

Roller application

The roller application process has many advantages

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