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LW 120

Roller applicator  type LW 120

In working widths of 850, 1,100 und 1,300 mm

Easy to clean thanks to quick dismounting.
Easy to use. Rugged construction.
High efficiency and high performance.

Easy-To-Clean Desktop Machine

For application by rollers from one or two sides of fluids such as glue, oil, wax, scumble, primer, soap, etc.

onto flat work pieces from materials such as wood, cardboard, high-resistance foam, metal, granite, cork, insulating material etc.

Allows for versatile usage in traditional wood treatment - from veneer works in furniture production and lamination to unilateral glue application onto thick sheets of veneer.

Oiling, waxing and soaping of furnitures and floor boards are obvious.

By means of special rollers also cold polyurethane adhesives can be used for glueing insulating materials. For cleaning, remove the stainless steel basins and glue rollers and clean them easily in a cleansing bath. 

Fluid dosage can be precisely adjusted by infinitely variable eccentric levers. The minimum fluid quantity applied depends on the grooving of the rollers (grooving ranges from rough and middle to fine grooved or smooth) or on the poring. 

glue application on honeycomb plates Besin BV

Roller Applicator LW 120,
working width 1.300 mm with disk roller conveyor

roller coater LW120roller coater LW120 to groove to

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