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Construction industry

Application of liquid and pasty media in the construction sector

Our systems can be used wherever components have to be joined or coated. Many applications are evaluated in our technical centre in Oberkochen and then installed at the customer's site. Both as a stand-alone machine and integrated into production lines.

Coating stoneware

Coating of stoneware
Primer Coatings

Primer application

Application of water- or solvent-based primers

Coating or gluing of foam material

Bonding of PUR, XPS or EPS
Tile bonding

Coating tiles with adhesive

Stoneware processing
Dosing roller system Reverse machine DDWO Type DDWO for oil application, dose roller system DDWO

Coating tiles – Roller procedure

Rolling process for coating

Custom products for your coating medium

You got a fluid which needs to be applied?

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