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Coating Plants for Veneer Edges

Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH has offered machines on the market for oiling furniture components for many years.

The biggest problem for the furniture customers are the edges. In close cooperation with an oil manufacturer, a machine combination has now been put into operation, oiling veneer before bonding.

This combination might look differently, depending on type of oil and oil producer.

1 Unwinding veneer from the role
2 Oiling veneer with 1st coat UV-oil
3 Distribution of the oil
4 Drying by UV-lamp
5 Intermediate sanding and cleaning of the veneer
6 Application of the 2nd coat UV-oil
7 Drying of veneer
8 Laminating the adhesive tape
9 Cutting the veneer on desired length

Veneer edge 10 – 80 mm width
Length of veneers max. 300 m


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