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UV Lamp

Oil and colour manufacturers offer special UV-oils. After application and having been exposed to UV-light, the surface of the wood is dry.

Application of UV-oils and UV-lacquers is done by our roller applicator DDWO and/or DWO.

UV oils and UV varnishes are applied with our DDWO and/orDWO roller applicators.

Then it goes into a UV dryer of the latest generation.

2x200 W/cm² electronically adjustable - infinitely variable

Air-cooled reflector housing - with minimal heat generation on the workpiece

Excellent for highly pigmented inks and resinous woods. No boiling of pigments or resin. Automatic readjustment of the power as the lamps age, this increases production reliability.

For the production of UV-oiled surfaces, we proceed in general as follows:

DDWO application of the base coat
Distributor conveyor equalizing of blotchy looking spots in the wood
UV-drying drying of the base coat
Sanding brushes smoothing the surface
Cleaning brush removal of abrasive dust
DWO application of the top coat
UV-drying hardening of the top coat


With the “Wirth” UV-dryer you can dry UV-oils, UV-filler, UV-lacquer and other media with photoinitiators.

Gallium and / or mercury lamps can be used, depending on customer’s requirements.

For surfaces which are temperature sensitive, you can use also IR filters or indirect radiation on the substrate.

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