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Distributor Conveyor ( oiling line )

Infinitely variable roller pressure of the roller applicator and pliable roller surfaces apply oil regularly on and in wood. Often used as finishing line for parquet and furniture.

Oiled floors went more and more popular in the past, and we are happy about beeing part in many parquet factories producing oiled floors.

The Wirth - Oiling Line is flexible and easy to handle, but is also able to be used for high quality  oiled floors. With many different brushes, pads or rollers we offer a huge choice for special mad surfaces.

Also our machines are working in a lot of laboratories producing oil, so we are all the time up to date.

Infinitely variable dosage of oil quantity. We do not need and we do not want to leave a rest of oil.
Depending on type of wood, grinding and surface temperature, wood needs some time to suck enough. Strongly absorbing spots do not get more oil than less absorbing spots. This fact helps to avoid dark speckles.

On less absorbing spots on the wood, such as knots, some oil is left. We do not want to leave it like that, otherwise it becomes sticky.

We wipe the surface again with a cloth. However, we do not remove the remaining oil, but we distribute it regularly to other spots. If this is done by a machine, we call it a distributor conveyor.

Many of our customers use the conventional distributor conveyor with cylindrical brushes, which just looks like this new disk machine.

Innovative are the disk shaped tools as brushes and pads with a diameter of 400 mm
or 635 mm.

New surface quality with high repetetive accuracy:

Quick and well-done distribution and penetration of especially coloured oils or oils with white agents by the disk system, and smooth and as well brushed or hand planed surfaces are treated in high quality, also in depth, by means of adjustable tools.

Many kinds of oil are hand dry on the surface after a distance of 5 m passage.

Chamfers are covered regularly thanks to the combination of the preceding roller applicator and the disk tools.

Oiling – Distributing – Ready

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