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Roller Applicator DDWO

Roller Applicator
Dosing roller system
Reverse machine type DDWO

For application by rollers of fluids such as lacquer, oil, UV-oil, wax, scumble, paint, stain, lye, glue ... on flat workpieces such as e.g. wood, cork,paperboard, high-resistant foam, metal, granite etc ...

Application of lacquer, oil, wax, lye and stain on furniture, floors, parquets and cork is obvious.

cold PU-adhesive
Oil / Wax
Lye and Stain
Colour on Wood
Veneer bleaching
Roller Applicator Type LW 100

Smallest application quantities of e.g. lacquer 3g/m2 and smoothing by reverse roller. Fluid dosage can be precisely adjusted by an infinitely variable dosage roller. The minimum quantity applied depends on the quality of the roller surface.

Rough, middle or fine grooved, rough porous, smooth. Different hardnesses and chemical constancies. Each roller can easily be removed for cleaning within half a minute. Transport band quickly detachable.

All parts – except for the drive unit – are made of high-quality, rust-resistant material such as V2A.

In the „double” DWO, the DWO type was expanded by a scraping roller with dosage roller, running in opposite direction, and installed behind the application roller.

This scraping roller or reverse roller takes off excess lacquer material from the surface.

Since the applied lacquer often does not flow very well, the opposite roller flattens the lacquer.

During application of coloured oil and UV-oil on wood, the additional roller rubs the colouring pigments into the pores of the wood.

  • Dosierwalzensystem Reversemaschine DDWO Typ DDWO für Ölauftrag, dose roller system DDWO
    Dosierwalzensystem Reversemaschine DDWO Typ DDWO für Ölauftrag

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