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Oil / Wax

Since 1986, we have been using the LW 100 and LW 120 roller applicators with custom-designed rollers to apply oil and wax on wood on one or two sides.

Infinitely variable oil quantity thanks to special rollers from 4 – 23 gram/m² and 15 – 70 g/m². For smooth wood, the roller is not the same as for brushed, structured wood.

Machines are used by craftsmen and in furniture production not just because of the wood quantity, but because of the regularly oiled wood surface.

Especially coloured oils can be applied accurately to within in a gram, thus providing a regular colouring.

For floor board/parquetry manufacturers, a combination of roller applicator, with application from the top, conveyor belt and above mounted distributor heads with 400 mm or 600 mm width offers a complete economic production unit.

Disk brushes and round pads treat the oiled surface and distribute the oil excess.

Disk diameter of 635 mm is ideal for furniture production.

For oil application, all sizes of the “WIRTH” Roller Applicators LW 100, LW 120, DWO and DDWO are appropriate.

In addition to roller application machines for oil, the machines can be converted into application machines for paints, stains or alkalis within minutes by changing the rollers.

Machines for distributing the media or for intermediate sanding can also be supplied from a single source.

Wirth does not only supply the machine but, of course, also the skillful training to the customer.

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