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Application of Cold Glue and Adhesive

Apply cold and liquid glue and glue with “Wirth” glue application machines.

The glue applicators are suitable for the application of cold liquid glue and adhesive, such as dispersion adhesive, white glue, veneer glue, PVAC-glue, Kaurit, Latex, urea resin glue, synthetic resin, Melamine resin, powder glue soluble in water with/without hardener. For the most part the tools are cleaned with water.

Application media with special solvents

This is different for Polyurethane adhesives, PUR, PU, 1KPU, 2KPU, two component glues. These adhesives are to be cleaned with a certain cleansing agent. The kind of rubber on the glue roller is determined as agreed upon.

Wirth covers each of the glue rollers in such a way that they are resistant to the cleansing agent / solvent. The high-quality steel parts represent a special advantage. For cleaning, remove in next to no time the rollers and the glue basin of the compact machine and clean them in the cleansing bath. Dry up the parts and put them back without tools into the machine. The glue waste deposits on the bottom of the bath and the cleansing agent can be reused.

Glue application can be from one side or two sides.

Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH supplies besides the classical wood working industry also machines for adhesion of brakes, couplings, foam components, coolers, belts, cardboard and packaging industry…..

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