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Gloss paintwork on plastic material edges

Furniture edges with UV gloss paintwork

Available as modular piece or as whole plant for the use of gloss paintwork on furniture edges, with an UV-dryer. The trend of gloss-painting plastic material edges still persists as strong as ever. As new addition the product range, Axel Wirth Maschinen developed a new method which is very reliable, delivers high stability in it‘s process and is also affordable. This technology is available as a single module or as complete plant for paintwork, featuring a dryer system for furniture edges with UV-gloss paint. This is based on the technology which we’ve already established on the market since some years. The optimization of our roller applicator type DDWO brought us a step closer to our goal. The further development of Axel Wirth’s paintwork technology now made it possible to create highly glossy surfaces with just a single application of paint, completely free of structure. Doesn‘t matter if smooth, embossed or brushed surfaces are to be coated. It also functions on all plastic material edges, wood, cork, tin, stainless steel and many other materials. We are using the know-how of over 30 years. The film of paint of course shouldn‘t be too thick, otherwise it would break when rolling-up. Since the production procedure of gloss paintwork is very complex in itself, it can only work in proper combination of mechanical engineering, roller specifications, speed, paint specifications and many other details and circumstances. Since we’re specialized and an expert in those matters, we can offer single stations for unit loads or coil. The spectrum of our goods and services includes the machinery for coating and can, if needed, also be winded and unwinded. We would be pleased to make a test with your base materials and paints in our testing facility.

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Axel Wirth Maschinen will be at the Ligna in Hannover.


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