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Vertical distribution of stains, oils and glazes on profile timbers

Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH is renowned for producing the best glue application machines, oil application machines and paint application machines for use in the craftsman and production industry. Its reputation also extends to surface coatings in the furniture and flooring industry.

Oiling, staining, lye application and painting have been among the main tasks of machines from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH for 30 years.

But oils, stains and glazes on profile surfaces also need to be distributed.

To do this, a special universal machine has been developed that can be used for distribution with virtually all profiles.

Stains, oils and glazes can be distributed vertically thanks to many years of experience and the proven-in-practice design of the machinery. And all this with economic costs and exceptional quality of the end products.

The pressure pad brushes move the material to be coated into position, transporting it quickly and gently through the coating system. The subsequent distributor unit ensures a perfect finish. Our systems are able to process profiles as well as laths.

Upon request, the assemblies can be custom-configured in accordance with the client's requirements and if necessary even tried out in the test workshop.

Gloss paintwork on plastic material edges

Furniture edges with UV gloss paintwork

Available as modular piece or as whole plant for the use of gloss paintwork on furniture edges, with an UV-dryer. The trend of gloss-painting plastic material edges still persists as strong as ever. As new addition the product range, Axel Wirth Maschinen developed a new method which is very reliable, delivers high stability in it‘s process and is also affordable. This technology is available as a single module or as complete plant for paintwork, featuring a dryer system for furniture edges with UV-gloss paint. This is based on the technology which we’ve already established on the market since some years. The optimization of our roller applicator type DDWO brought us a step closer to our goal. The further development of Axel Wirth’s paintwork technology now made it possible to create highly glossy surfaces with just a single application of paint, completely free of structure. Doesn‘t matter if smooth, embossed or brushed surfaces are to be coated. It also functions on all plastic material edges, wood, cork, tin, stainless steel and many other materials. We are using the know-how of over 30 years. The film of paint of course shouldn‘t be too thick, otherwise it would break when rolling-up. Since the production procedure of gloss paintwork is very complex in itself, it can only work in proper combination of mechanical engineering, roller specifications, speed, paint specifications and many other details and circumstances. Since we’re specialized and an expert in those matters, we can offer single stations for unit loads or coil. The spectrum of our goods and services includes the machinery for coating and can, if needed, also be winded and unwinded. We would be pleased to make a test with your base materials and paints in our testing facility.

Roller application in the stoneware industry

Coating tiles with glue – 1,5kg tiles-glue/m²

We coat everything!

That’s the motto of: Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH

Besides working with wood, plastics, metal, foamed materials, and many other materials, we now successfully have put several projects with concrete sludge and tile glue into operation. For this purpose, the tiles are coated with glue and then laid onto the carrier material.

Our machines have previously already been used to apply glue on tiles, but mainly in manufacturing works. This time, we’ve arrived in the industry. With exact process times, automatic weighing and handling robots.

Usually, the requirement is, to apply as few as possible onto the material. But this time it’s different.

We have achieved, to apply 1,5kg / m². It was a bit special.

The constant supply of glue was our biggest challenge here. We got to know new components, which were quite rustic in their composition and in their fine-tuning. But we managed it, our machine pumped the viscous glue amounts continuously into itself and the safety of production was absolutely given.

The requirements for the stoneware and tile industry are very different than those of the wood industry, that’s why our machines had a hard task, which they mastered.

Besides glues, paints and print primers, our customers also process stone impregnations and lotus effect pastes on stoneware. This also worked on stone boards with deep bevels.

If you have coating work to do, feel free to request your needs to us. We have solutions for most cases.


The Innovative LED + X dryer from "Wirth"

As an extension of our machine program, we have picked up on customer requests together with the well-known paint manufacturer Saicos and developed a NEW LED + X drying system.

Together with ingenieurs from SAICOS we analyced the needs of costumers and supliers and the result ist the new LED drying system as an ideal complement for the SAICOS LED+X Technologie.

With the new "Wirth" LED + X dryer you can now

  • • Save energy
  • • Avoid ozone
  • • Dry cold
  • • extend maintenance intervals

So far, LED hardened oil surfaces have not been competitive in properties with oxidative, hybrid or UV-oiled surfaces.

The interplay of the newly developed formula and pioneering technology in the lighting segment now leads to a result that is of high quality, energy-efficient and durable.

  • Suitable for drying specially adjusted LED oils and LED paints
  • Wavelength 365 Nm - others are available
  • Lamp power 8 W
  • Illuminants are air-cooled
  • Mounted on a conveyor belt
  • Length 2000 mm
  • Width 450 mm
  • Drive 0.37 KW
  • Infinitely variable 3 - 25 m / min via frequency converter
  • Tape monitoring, LED + X lamps only turn on - when the conveyor belt is running
  • Disntance to the wood 25 - 30 mm

Advantages of the LED + X technology

  • Minimal energy consumption
  • 300 W at LED + X drying opposite 20,000 W for UV standard UV lamps
  • Minimal temperature effect on the workpiece
  • No more boil-up of the pigments
  • No boiling of resin
  • Longevity of the bulbs
  • Lifespan up to 15x longer compared to standard UV lamps
  • Ozone-free drying

Working width 300 mm

  • Mounted on a conveyor belt with a length of 2000 mm.
  • Belt drive 0.37 KW
  • Total energy demand of the dryer incl. Conveyor technology is approx. 1 KW
  • Working height 850 mm +/- 50 mm adjustable
  • Machine frame is powder coated
  • Mobile on wheels, braked

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