Fliesen mit Kleber beschichten – Walzenauftrag in der Steinzeugindustrie

Coating tiles with glue – 1,5kg tiles-glue/m²

We coat everything!

That’s the motto of

Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH

Besides working with wood, plastics, metal, foamed materials and many other materials, we now succesfully have put several projects with concrete sludge and tile glue into operation. For this pupose, the tiles are coated wit hglue and then laid onto the carrier material.

Our machines have previously already been used to apply glue on tiles, but mainly in manufacturing works. This time, we’ve arrived in the industry. With exact process times, automatic weighing and handling robots. Usually the requirement is, to apply as few as possible onto the material. But this time it’s different. We have achieved, to apply 1,5kg / m². It was a bit special. The constant supply of glue was our biggest challenge here. We got to know new components, which were quite rustic in their composition and in their fine tuning. But we managed it, our machine pumped the viscous glue amounts continuously into itself and the safety of production was absolutely given. The requirements for the stoneware and tile industry are very different than those of the wood industry, that’s why our machines had a hard task, which they mastered. Besides glues, paints and print primers, our customers also process stone impregnations and lotus effect pastes on stoneware. This also worked on stone boards with deep bevels.

If you have coating work to do, feel free to request your needs to us. We have solutions for most cases.




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