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Roller coater LW120 (adhesive application system, oil application machine)

The LW120 roller coater is an easy-to-clean compact machine and is often used as a Glue applicator orr Oil application machinefor one or two-sided application. The LW120 is used for roller application of liquid media such as glues, oils, glazes, primers, synthetic resins and adhesives on flat substrates such as wood, cardboard, PS and XPS rigid foam boards, metal parts, brake linings, cork floors, insulation boards, . . .

The roller coater LW120 at a glance:

  • universally usable
  • for a wide range of application media
  • for single-sided application from above or also below, and for double-sided application
  • easy to clean
  • Quickly dismountable compact machine
  • Dosing via eccentric lever
  • Height adjustment can also be carried out centrally with a hand crank on request
  • for oil, wax, glaze, primer, white glue, 1-component adhesive, 2-component adhesive, soap, up to high-viscosity synthetic resin adhesive
  • For application on wood, parquet flooring, chipboard, cardboard, honeycomb panels, metal, stone, cork, rubber, PS and XPS rigid foam panels, …
  • in the standard roller widths 850mm, 1100mm and 1300mm

As an easy-to-clean compact machine that can be quickly dismantled, the LW120 roller coater is a convincing, universally applicable unit for coating a wide variety of application media. It impresses above all with its simple handling, durable and robust construction, as well as its efficient application of liquid and paste-like coating media. The LW120 roller coater from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH is a powerful and economically outstanding solution for a wide range of requirements as a glue coater or adhesive application system.

Almost all flat substrates can be coated on the LW120. For example, this machine type is used as an oil applicator and, in conjunction with the Distributor unit VE from Wirth can be found as interlinked equipment in oil application lines. Due to the easy handling, materials such as glues, oils, dispersions, paints, adhesives, synthetic resin adhesives, but also lacquers, waxes, soaps, primers, pastes and pasty adhesives, resins and contact adhesives can be applied without any problems on roller applicators of the type LW120.

Customers who use the LW120 roller coater come from the production of raised floors (sports halls), vehicle construction, the packaging industry, insulation production and further processing. The substrates to be coated are, for example, multi-layer boards, cork, wood, chipboard, solid wood, PS and XPS rigid foam boards, wood-cement composite insulation boards, metal parts, tiles and stoneware, but also brake linings for cars and trucks and much more.

The LW120 roller applicator is used for one-sided application (top, bottom), or also for two-sided application. The infinitely variable fine adjustment of the liquid application quantity by means of the eccentric levers on the side is uncomplicated and easy to handle. Depending on the application, the LW120 roller coater can be equipped with a wide variety of roller types and roller rubbers. In just a few steps and without any special tools, both the tray with the squeegee edge and the rollers can be removed in a matter of moments thanks to the practical plug-in axles with bayonet lock. This way, all parts can be cleaned easily and quickly.

If you want to minimise set-up times, you can also use a second set of rollers and a trough to make this applicator immediately ready for use again and thus avoid downtimes due to cleaning effort during ongoing shift operation.

All parts (except the drive) are made of high-quality, non-rusting materials to ensure a long service life.

TYP LW 120/850TYP LW 120/1100TYP LW 120/1300
Roller width850 mm1100 mm1300 mm
Clearance height100 mm100 mm100 mm
Upper stainless steel roller, application surface
rubberised smooth, grooved, porous
120 mm Ø120 mm Ø120 mm Ø
Lower stainless steel roller, application surface
gummed smooth, grooved, porous
120 mm Ø120 mm Ø120 mm Ø
1 or 2 pcs. stainless steel basin for glue, oil ...850 mm1100 mm1300 mm
Drive power at 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phases0,75 kW0,75 kW0,75 kW
Feed (other on request)18 m/min 6 – 3518 m/min 6 – 3518 m/min 6 – 35
Machine dimensionsWidth
1460/1660 mm
630 mm
540 mm
1760/1960 mm
630 mm
540 mm
1960/2160 mm
630 mm
540 mm
Protective deviceSafety edge at the workpiece inlet. CE certificate
Special equipmentGreater diffuser height: Material diffuser higher than 100 mm
Control motor 6 - 30 m/min
Special voltage
Technical modifications reservedOther sizes: 300 – 450 – 650 mm
Roller coating machine LW120
Dosing Roller System DWO 120roller coater LW120 to groove to

Cold PU adhesives, glue spreaders, 1KPU, 2KPU, roller application Roll on by glue spreader

Glue spreaders for PU adhesive, 1KPU or 2KPU

Under conditional general conditions, cold PU adhesives, glue spreaders, 1KPU, 2KPU, roller application by glue spreaders or roller application can be rolled on with repeat accuracy.

The rollers can be removed for cleaning and can be made chemically resistant to the cleaners. With a rubber selection based on six different basic rubber types, our team will find the right rubber for cold PU adhesives and their cleaners.

In addition to the basic rubber types, we have well over 100 different roller surfaces in use with customers.

Due to the variety of roller surfaces and the adjustment possibilities on the machines, application weights of 5 - 800 g/m² are possible.

The glue application machines from Wirth are very easy to dismantle and clean. This is especially advantageous for PU adhesives.

The main parts of the machine are made of stainless steel and therefore insensitive.

The following machines are frequently used for these adhesives:

Glue application machine Typ LW 100

Glue application machineTyp LW 120


Dosing roller machine Typ DWO

The following can be processed 1KPU or also 2KPU Adhesives.

Connections are for example:

  • Wood - Plastic
  • Foam - Metal
  • Wood - Aluminium

The Wirth glue spreader

is characterised by precise work with demanding adhesives, glues and adhesives.

The wealth of experience grows from day to day. In addition to regular tests at our company, a large number of machines are also running in the laboratories of glue manufacturers.

The team at Axel Wirth Maschinen is always in contact with developers and application engineers from renowned manufacturers of glues, adhesives, primers and PU adhesives.

Suitable for applying cold PU adhesives are the machine types LW 100 and LW 120 or the dosing roller machine type DWO 120.

Every customer can take advantage of the opportunity to test the glue spreader with their own PU glue at our premises in Oberkochen.

In our Demonstration room or test workshop sample productions can be manufactured and tested close to reality.

Thus, every customer can see and test the steps of mixing, applying and cleaning. Likewise, different application quantities with different roller surfaces can be shown. The customer gets exactly what he has seen and tested in advance..

Coating or gluing of foam material

The processing of foamed material is diverse and omnipresent.

Doesn’t matter if PUR, XPS or EPS, Axel Wirth Maschinen produces machines and plants for the coating of foam material. This includes plants for the production of:

  • Insulating boards or cassettes
  • Mattresses
  • Dashboards in the automotive industry
  • Padded furniture
  • Packaging
  • Car seats
  • Neck supports
  • Vending cart production
  • Caravan production

Usually it’s about adhesive application or gluing processes. For this often times the dosing roller machine type DWO is used. Especially in the foam material area, shear force sensitive glues are common. Often times this affects the dashboard-, mattress-, car seat or padded furniture industry. Therefor Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH developed several solutions together with the glue manufacturers.

Besides the application without development of shear force, also the supply of glue is solved on a considerate level. But also in the area of insulation material we had some homework to solve.

Applying cold PU glue to glue foam material and aluminum. With an open time of 40 minutes we’re able to process the PU glues with our LW 100 and LW 120. The rubber of the rollers is specially produced, so that the PU glue’s cleaners won’t damage the rubber.

Functional coatings are often being used in the area of insulation materials, which are water-based, but has it’s drawbacks with having a fast drying and granularity. Foam material manufacturers from several countries rely on the experience and quality of Axel Wirth Maschinen since many years.

Of course you can test your requirements in our technical center and recreate your processes on our laboratory plants.

Application of Cold Glue and Adhesive

Apply cold and liquid glue and glue with “Wirth” glue application machines.

The glue applicators are suitable for the application of cold liquid glue and adhesive, such as dispersion adhesive, white glue, veneer glue, PVAC-glue, Kaurit, Latex, urea resin glue, synthetic resin, Melamine resin, powder glue soluble in water with/without hardener. For the most part the tools are cleaned with water.

Application media with special solvents

This is different for Polyurethane adhesives, PUR, PU, 1KPU, 2KPU, two component glues. These adhesives are to be cleaned with a certain cleansing agent. The kind of rubber on the glue roller is determined as agreed upon.

Wirth covers each of the glue rollers in such a way that they are resistant to the cleansing agent / solvent. The high-quality steel parts represent a special advantage. For cleaning, remove in next to no time the rollers and the glue basin of the compact machine and clean them in the cleansing bath. Dry up the parts and put them back without tools into the machine. The glue waste deposits on the bottom of the bath and the cleansing agent can be reused.

Glue application can be from one side or two sides.

Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH supplies besides the classical wood working industry also machines for adhesion of brakes, couplings, foam components, coolers, belts, cardboard and packaging industry…..

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