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Honeycomb panels - Use of roller application machines

Among other things, in the automotive sector, in furniture construction or in the insulation material sector Honeycomb panels or honeycomb core is used.

Gluing honeycomb panels or honeycomb panel cores is a frequent application on glue application machines from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH.

Application examples are:

  • Office furniture production
  • Interior insulation - insulation materials
  • Car interior fittings
  • RV conversion
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Advertising stands
  • Exhibition stand construction

The challenge here is that the glue has to be applied to the webs of the honeycomb core without tiling into the cavities.

But the application amount must be so high that lamination is possible and firm.

To do this, the viscosity of the adhesive, the roller surface and the production speed must match.

In rare cases, the adhesive is foamed before application, we also have solutions for this.

The foaming increases the surface of the applied adhesive, so a larger amount of adhesive can be applied to the small area of the bars.

Our roller application machines are often used for this LW 100, LW 120, or DWO.

The machines are either used as standalone machines or in a chain with expansion of the honeycomb cores, glue / glue application, lamination and press.

Dispersion adhesives, which are applied with grooved rollers, are mostly used on our systems.

This can be done either in the direction of travel or in reverse.

You are welcome to try it in advance at our technical center . If necessary, simply contact us and make an appointment with us in Oberkochen.

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