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Packaging industry – gluing, printing and coating

Cardboards, inlays and special packaging

With the development of products becoming increasingly specialized and unique, more special packaging is needed. The packaging industry is supplying this demand with more and more sophisticated packaging technology. Therefor, often machines of Axel Wirth Maschinen come into use. Depending on the type of implementation, 3 different roller coater systems can come into use. Our LW 100, LW 120 or the dosage roller machine DWO.

Current instances of application are for example:

  • cardboard packaging production
  • packaging for medical technology
  • cargo security
  • suitcases with inlays
  • cardboard palettes
  • rim packaging
  • tool packaging made of wood or cardboard
  • gluing of honeycomb panel cores
  • application of print primers

The individualization of products brings new requirements for special packaging. In the times of internet trade this packaging is becoming even more important. Axel Wirth Maschinen has developed and delivered solutions for the above mentioned applications. Here the devil is in the details. Through our comprehensive pool of experience with connecting and gluing, we can also help you in your search for the right glue. Besides the requirements and guidelines for the consistency, there are other points to be into consideration, which at the first glance, might not be obvious. For example:

  • foodstuffs quality
  • temperature resistance
  • water resistance
  • impregnation
  • anti-slip properties

You have challenges with your packaging products? Then please get into contact with us, we would be glad to work out a concept with you, which is customized to your requirements.




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