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Application of piece goods or inline coating

In general, we distinguish between three areas of application:

  • Funktionsbeschichtung, z.B. Rosthemmende Beschichtung
  • optische Beschichtung, z.B. klassische farbige Lackierung
  • Auftragen von Klebstoffen

As soon as your materials are thicker than 1/10 mm we can implement a roller application.

Mineral coatings on sheet metal are also part of our daily work.

Other examples include:

-              Application of release agent to protect against damage, e.g. forming
-              Coating of aluminum with hydrofluoric acid, important in radiator construction
-              Painting of strip steel, e.g. with rust-inhibiting coatings
-              Coil coating in all variants, including as the starting material of cans
-              Insulating coatings in the electric motor sector
-              Auftragen von mineralischen Beschichtungen für die Baubranche

Gluing brake linings

Bonding of brake pads

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