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Gluing brake linings

Gluing brake linings

Brake linings in the automotive industry are a common application of our machinery

Safety relevant parts in the automotive industry are not rarely glued with Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH’s machinery. Besides brake linings for sports cars, drum brake linings for trucks, brake linings as individual items for oldtimers or elevator brakes. Depending on the brake lining, often times solvent-containing adhesives are used. But Water based adhesives or glues also find their entry into the market. But as long as those still represent the minority, adjustments of the standard machines are necessary.

  • Explosion protection for roller application technique
  • Recirculation of glues
  • Interconnection of vacuuming systems to guarantee safety at work
  • Repeatable coating technique
  • Viscosity measurement of the glue
  • Post-dilution of the glue

For that, our roller applicators type LW 100 or DWO are being used. It’s clear that process security needs to be top priority when it comes to safety relevant parts like brake linings. According to that, Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH can look back on longstanding experience from production planning to implementation. Besides gluing of brake linings for automotive-, truck-, or elevator –sectors, we’re also operating with the inking or priming of narrow sides of drum brakes in those business segments. Should you have applications in this area, you can arrange a appointment with our technical center at any time, to conduct preliminary tests on our laboratory plants. If you’re interested just contact us, we’ll promptly get in touch with you for further details.



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