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Many coating processes require sanding or smoothing of the surface.

The latest model of our Wirth brush sanding machine is here!


Furniture industry

Roller application in the furniture industry

Axel Wirth Maschinen has it’s origins in the furniture industry. The first plants were delivered in 1986 as glue applications machines in the furniture industry. Additionally, the LW 100 and LW 120 were developed. New requirements were added step by step.

  • Glue application for veneering, lamination, production of molded wood etc.,
  • Application of cold PU-adhesive
  • Oiling of furniture parts
  • Water-based varnish on furniture surfaces
  • Application of UV-oils
  • Application of UV-lacquers

According to those requirements, new types of machinery were developed like for example the dosing roller machine type DWO and the reverse application machine Type DDO. Additionally to that, Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH offers distributor units for Oils, UV Oils, lye and stain. Besides the coating of surfaces, the coating of profiles (e.g. lamination) is also an important topic. That’s why we’re also offering a spraying machine Type SPW, which can accurately apply oils, lye, lacquer and stain on profiles. For distribution those liquids on profiled parts, there’s also a distributor unit, which can be adapted precisely to each angle of the profile. After the application and distribution was solved, the drying of the fluids came into our focus. Besides UV-dryers Axel Wirth Maschinen now also offers IR, circulation air and LED dryers. So we can offer you a one-stop service. The broadest working width of glue application machines is 1300mm in standard and in terms of surface finishing like with oils, lye, stain it’s 600mm. If you’d like to test a machine, visit us and we can carry out tests at our technical center.



Honeycomb panels

Honeycomb panels - Use of roller application machines

Among other things, in the automotive sector, in furniture construction or in the insulation material sector Honeycomb panels or honeycomb core is used.

Gluing honeycomb panels or honeycomb panel cores is a frequent application on glue application machines from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH.

Application examples are:

  • Office furniture production
  • Interior insulation - insulation materials
  • Car interior fittings
  • RV conversion
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Advertising stands
  • Exhibition stand construction

The challenge here is that the glue has to be applied to the webs of the honeycomb core without tiling into the cavities.

But the application amount must be so high that lamination is possible and firm.

To do this, the viscosity of the adhesive, the roller surface and the production speed must match.

In rare cases, the adhesive is foamed before application, we also have solutions for this.

The foaming increases the surface of the applied adhesive, so a larger amount of adhesive can be applied to the small area of the bars.

Our roller application machines are often used for this LW 100, LW 120, or DWO.

The machines are either used as standalone machines or in a chain with expansion of the honeycomb cores, glue / glue application, lamination and press.

Dispersion adhesives, which are applied with grooved rollers, are mostly used on our systems.

This can be done either in the direction of travel or in reverse.

You are welcome to try it in advance at our technical center . If necessary, simply contact us and make an appointment with us in Oberkochen.

Almost forgotten is the soaping of furniture and floors.

In Scandinavia, this is a standard procedure to protect wood.

On the one hand, there are soaps from the industry that are supplied ready-mixed and can be easily
can be easily applied on Wirth roller application machines.

On the other hand, customers mix their own soap.

Depending on the viscosity of the liquid, several applications are necessary.

After application, "Wirth" spreader units are often used.

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