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Many coating processes require sanding or smoothing of the surface.

The latest model of our Wirth brush sanding machine is here!


"Wirth" - cleaning and dedusting unit!

High-quality surfaces are best achieved with high-quality materials, qualified employees *and excellent machines.

Today we present our double-sided cleaning machine. The mechanical cleaning is done by a driven brush roller at the top and at the bottom. The dust is mechanically loosened by the brushes and then disposed of in the existing extraction system. Thus, the wood is optimally prepared for further processing. For surfaces that dry by oxidation, drying in the lacquer drying trolley is common.

Cleaning on both sides minimises contamination of the coated surface in the lacquer drying trolley, as no more dust can get from the back to the lower freshly coated wood.

The brushes can be changed in a few easy steps.

Speed 3 - 25 m/min
Passage height 1 - 50 mm
Direction of rotation and speed adjustable
Working width 400 mm or 600 mm

This system can become part of a modular system. In our technical centre, we can also test your personal task for your economical and fast production.

Simply get in touch with us.

Vertical distribution of stains, oils and glazes on profile timbers

Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH is renowned for producing the best glue application machines, oil application machines and paint application machines for use in the craftsman and production industry. Its reputation also extends to surface coatings in the furniture and flooring industry.

Oiling, staining, lye application and painting have been among the main tasks of machines from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH for 30 years.

But oils, stains and glazes on profile surfaces also need to be distributed.

To do this, a special universal machine has been developed that can be used for distribution with virtually all profiles.

Stains, oils and glazes can be distributed vertically thanks to many years of experience and the proven-in-practice design of the machinery. And all this with economic costs and exceptional quality of the end products.

The pressure pad brushes move the material to be coated into position, transporting it quickly and gently through the coating system. The subsequent distributor unit ensures a perfect finish. Our systems are able to process profiles as well as laths.

Upon request, the assemblies can be custom-configured in accordance with the client's requirements and if necessary even tried out in the test workshop.

VE distributor unit
for application machine for oil, stain,

... from the house of Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH

With the machine combination of application machine and distributor unit VE, your oil, wax, oil stain, protective agent, protective paint,... can be applied from above and the surfaces and bevels can be processed.

The infinitely adjustable roller pressure of the applicator and the smooth roller surfaces apply the oil evenly onto and into the wood. The oil quantity is infinitely variable. We do not have to and do not want to produce a surplus.

Depending on the type of wood, sanding, structure and surface temperature, the wood needs a short time to absorb to saturation. Very deeply absorbent areas do not receive more oil than less absorbent areas.

This simple fact avoids dark stains.

Oil remains on less absorbent parts of the wood, such as on branches. We don't want to leave it like that, otherwise it becomes sticky. - Traditionally, we wipe the surface with a cloth. We don't take off the excess oil, but we spread it evenly to other places. - If we do the wiping by machine, we call it a spreading machine.

New are the plate-shaped tools as plate brushes and pads with 400 mm or 635 mm Ø, which protrude above the workpiece. A new surface quality with great repeatability is achieved.

Besides colourless liquids, especially coloured oils or rollable oils with pigments are distributed quickly and safely with the disc system. The bevels are evenly wetted and processed by the interaction of the upstream applicator roller and the disc tools. We call the construction of the belt, on which plates rotate and exert force on the wood passing through, transversely stable. The transport speed of the wood and the rotation speed of the plates are infinitely variable. The height and pressure of the plates are also infinitely variable. Brushes and pad plates can be replaced quickly. The pads are attached with Velcro and can be changed quickly.

On our standard distributor machine, up to 4 aggregates, distributor heads, can be used one after the other. In case more liquid is applied than the wood absorbs, we have installed vertical stainless steel plates next to the horizontal disc brushes to catch the excess. In front of the conveyor belt, the roller applicator LW or roller applicator DWO is flange-mounted on a prepared surface and connected to the control box by means of plugs.

The VE distribution unit at a glance:

  • Easy to clean because it can be quickly dismantled
  • easy handling
  • sturdy construction
  • Efficient and powerful

The roller applicator is used to apply the medium over a wide area.

Generally, the surfaces are wiped, soft brushed or polished immediately or shortly after application. It is also said that the supernatant is distributed. Floorboard/parquet manufacturers combine the machine with the distributor unit VE- oil is applied to floorboards from above. A transversely stable conveyor belt guides the wood under rigid distribution heads with a width of 400 mm mounted above. Disc brushes and round disc pads work the oiled surface. After a short distance, the surface and bevel are oiled and distributed.

Dimensions of the overall installationLength 7000 mm
Width 1200 mm (option 1400 mm)
Output application machine to 1st distributor head 2400 mm
Conveyor beltBelt width 450 mm (option 635 mm)
Length of the support 6000 mm
Motor 1,5 kW
Speed 7 - 30 m/min infinitely variable
tool headMotor 2,0 kW
Plate Ø 400 mm (option 635 mm)
Brush material plastic or natural bristle
Pad material commercially available
Quick-change system for brushes and pad plates
Number of tool heads standard 2 pieces, option 1 - 4 pieces
power connection400 volts, 50 hertz, 3 phases
Technical modifications reserved

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