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Application on Profiles

One pass and all sides are coated.

The four-sided application on profiles requires sophisticated technology. Supplied by Axel-Wirth-Maschinen GmbH

The Innovative LED + X dryer from "Wirth"

  The Innovative LED + X dryer from "Wirth" As an extension of our machine program, we have picked up on customer requests together with the well-known paint manufacturer Saicos and developed a NEW LED + X drying system. Together with ingenieurs from SAICOS we analyced the needs of costumers and supliers and the result […]

Vertical distribution of stains, oils and glazes on profile timbers

Vertical distribution of stains, oils and glazes on profile timbers Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH is renowned for producing the best glue application machines, oil application machines and paint application machines for use in the craftsman and production industry. Its reputation also extends to surface coatings in the furniture and flooring industry. Oiling, staining, lye application […]

Spraying Machine SPW 400

The new spraying machine SPW 400 from Axel Wirth Maschinen is the first choice for spray application of non-explosion-proofed  materials like oil, pigmented and acrylic lacquers and matt or glossy varnishes. This new SPW 400 is also suitable for  water based products like pigmented stains, dispersions and even cold glue types. Its extremely steady and durable […]

Color Robot

The Color Robot is ideal for four-side application of paint onto long, narrow wooden strips, boards or panels and other narrow workpieces. Paints, varnishes and glazes can be processed. Developed by the master painter Herman and exclusively distributed by Axel Wirth. Functionality: Color rollers and brushes are adjusted continuously to the wood thickness for sprung […]


After the application of oil on floor boards, the work pieces must be dried. For this purpose we recommend our trolleys. We recommend a trolley width of 4,000 mm to our floor board customers. Center rakes are adjustable.  trolley width:  1500 mm  trolley height:  1975 mm  trolley depth:  850 mm  working depth:  670 mm  height […]


Sanding, sander, sanding rollerFlying abrasivesIntermediate sandingPre-sanding Wood is alive. It curves or bends. Therefore the Axel Wirth sanding tools are „flying sanding means”, which adjust to the wood and smoothen the surface regularly. The sanding means also roughen the wood regularly, if required. That depends on the grain size of the sanding mean. Axel Wirth […]

3D UV-dryer

There are various techniques to dry profiled parts with UV lamps. Depending on customers' requirements, the lamps are fitted in different angles or with different reflectors. Send us your drawings so that we can work out an offer for you.

Brushing Machines

A parquetry production often also includes a brushing machine for structuring the lumbers. There are synthetic or steel brushes, depending on the surface required. From slightly till deeply brushed all kinds of surfaces can be achieved, depending on the tools.  Working width 300 or 600 mm Aggregates separately adjustable Axles can oscillate Speed adjustable

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