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Glue spreading machine LW100

As a universally applicable unit, the LW 100 glue spreader is ideally suited for coating a wide variety of application media onto flat and structured surfaces.

Technical data of the glue spreader LW 100 at a glance:

  • universally usable
  • for a wide variety of application media
  • for single-sided application from above or also below, and for double-sided application
  • easy to clean
  • Quickly dismountable compact machine
  • Metering via eccentric lever
  • Height adjustment can also be carried out centrally with a hand crank on request
  • for oil, wax, glaze, primer, white glue, adhesive, soap
  • for application on wood, parquet flooring, chipboard, cardboard, metal, stone, cork, rubber, PS and XPS rigid foam boards, ...
  • in working width 300mm, 450mm and 650mm

The LW100 glue applicator is a universally applicable roller applicator for coating a wide variety of application media. As an easy-to-clean and quickly dismountable compact machine, this roller applicator from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH stands for easy handling, durable and robust construction as well as for the efficient application of liquid and pasty materials. Also as a oil applicator, the LW100 is a powerful and economically excellent solution for a wide range of requirements..

Which substrates can be coated?

Almost all flat substrates can be coated on the LW100. Thus, this machine type is used equally as a glue applicator and an oil applicator. Due to the easy handling, materials such as glues, oils, dispersions, paints, adhesives, synthetic resin adhesives, but also lacquers, waxes, soaps, primers, pastes and pasty adhesives, resins and contact adhesives can be applied on roller applicators of the type LW100 without any problems. Even as an interlinked system, the LW100 roller coater is integrated into oil application lines in order to coat a wide variety of substrates on it.

Which industries use our machines?

In addition to the classic sectors for us, such as parquet production and furniture manufacture, our customers also come from the packaging industry, vehicle construction, the shoe industry, insulation production and insulation processing. Coated carrier materials are, for example, parquet floorboards, cork, wood, chipboard, solid wood, hard foam, stone, granite, insulating material, but also small parts made of metal, brake linings for trucks, belt elements for conveyor belts and much more.

What makes the Axel Wirth roller coater so economical?

The roller coater is used for single-sided application from above or below, or also for double-sided application. The infinitely variable fine adjustment of the liquid application quantity by means of the eccentric levers on the side is uncomplicated and easy to handle. Depending on the application, the LW100 roller applicator can be equipped with a wide variety of roller types and roller rubbers. In just a few steps and without any special tools, both the tray with the squeegee edge and the rollers can be removed within a few moments. This way, these parts can be cleaned easily and quickly. And with a replacement set of roller and tray, the applicator is also immediately ready for use again.

All parts (except drive) are made of high-quality, non-rusting materials, ensuring a long service life, even in multi-shift operation.eite.

TYP LW 100/300TYP LW 100/450TYP LW 100/650
Nominal width/working width300/310 mm450/460 mm650/660 mm
Passage height/working width80 mm80 mm80 mm
Rubberised application rollers at the bottom, smooth or grooved100 mm Ø100 mm Ø100 mm Ø
Rubberised applicator rollers on top, smooth or grooved100 mm Ø100 mm Ø100 mm Ø
Capacity per glue containerca. 1,5 lca. 2,3 lca. 3,25 l
Drive power at 230/400 V, 50 Hz0,37 kW0,37 kW0,55 kW
Feed (other on request)24 m/min 6 – 3524 m/min 6 – 3524 m/min 6 – 35
Machine dimensionsWidth
860 mm
630 mm
540 mm
1010 mm
630 mm
540 mm
1230 mm
630 mm
540 mm
Protective deviceSafety edge at the workpiece inlet. CE certificate
Optional equipmentGreater passage height: material passage higher than 80 mm
Control motor 6 - 35 m/min
Special voltage
Technical modifications reservedOther sizes: 850 - 1100 - 1300 mm
Roller coater LW100

roller coater LW100oil application with LW100 from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbHoil application with LW100 from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbHoil application with LW100 from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH

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