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Coating stoneware with rollers

Coating stoneware as a functional coating - almost infinite possibilities

The stoneware industry is constantly developing in many areas, and machines from Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH are often used. In order to be able to coat stoneware, you first need the application medium and the right vision, and we will be happy to do the rest for you.

Examples of applications include:

  • Stone impregnation
  • Achieving a lotus effect through coating processes
  • Bonding stoneware with backing tiles
  • Protection against graffiti
  • Print primer on stone

The production of building materials has its challenges. In addition to heavy and hard workpieces, the production environments in stoneware production are completely different from those in furniture production, for example. We have adapted to this and have developed and supplied several solutions for different fields.

Our roller applicators are used Depending on the type of liquid, its viscosity and the desired application weight, we use smooth, grooved or open-pore rollers.

The rubber compounds have to be extremely abrasion-resistant and flexible, which is why we use over 80 different rubber compounds that can also be sandwiched together.

In sandwich construction, we use sponge rubber on the metal core of the roller, which is then covered again with a smooth rubber.

In this way, we achieve a smooth roller surface that is flexible enough to allow good wetting of bevels.

You are welcome to carry out tests with your materials in our technical centre.

Please contact us so that we can arrange an appointment with you in Oberkochen.

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