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Roller coating as a foam rubber roller

Example of foam rubber rollers:
Short delivery times of  4 – 6 Weeks
High dimensional stability virtually no shrinkage of the rollers, even when left in place for a long time
Diversity: Wirth" offers many different pore sizes in different types of rubber
Highest quality: Due to the most modern production technology, the "Wirth" foam rubber rollers have no substructure.
Competent advice: Through many years of practical experience, you will receive individual advice

Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH have been producing roller applicators since 1986.

The most important tool is here, of course, the application roller. In close cooperation with a roller coating company, rubber surfaces have been developed during many years. Supported by the unique quick dismounting system of the roller applicator, the customer gets a variety of tools and possibilies in his hand. The customer can apply glue, oil, lacquer, stain, lye with a machine thanks to the use of different rollers.

Since "Wirth" roller applicators are often placed beside large scale plants, in order to be able to produce
also special orders, more and more customers contact us and want to use these application rollers of the
"Wirth"-machines also in their large scale plants.
Correspondingly, we now offer also the coating of rollers which customers can also install in other machines than the "Wirth" ones.

Following dimensions are possible:

up to a total length of 6,000 mm
up to a diameter of 850 mm
up to a a total weight of 2.5 tons

What is special about "Wirth" rubber coatings?
Example sponge rubber rollers:
short delivery time: 4 – 6 weeks
high form stability: almost no shrinking even in case of longer exposure time
Variety: "Wirth" offers a lot of different pore sizes in different rubber types
high quality: thanks to most modern production technology, "Wirth" sponge rubber rollers do not have a
base layer.
Competent advice: thanks to long lasting, also practical experience, you obtain an individual advice

Product range comprises:
solid rubber 20° – 98° ShA
polyurethane 55° – 95° ShA
hard rubber 60° – 85° ShD
sponge rubber 5° – 25° ShA
multi-layer rubber

rollers' range of use:
glue applicators
oil applicators
stain applicators
lacquer applicators
feeder rolls
conveyor rolls

roller surfaces can be:
according to customer's specifications

Your application is not mentioned?

Please contact us!

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