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Primer application

Primer application with rollers

Primer application is a challenge in many industries. They’re distinguished between water-based primers and solvent based primers. Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH offers different solutions for those types of primer.

1. Water-based primer:

Application of the primer, using a dosing roller machine type DWO. The primer is being pumped into the rollers and circulates within the machine. When using the machine in hot environments, the viscosity can be measured and automatically adapted. Rubber coated rollers, are being used for that, which can be smooth, grooved or porous, depending on the desired application amount. Following that, a infra-red dryer can be patched in. Our machines are currently being used with the following water-based applications in the

  • Printing primer
  • Primer for the footwear industry
  • Primer for plastic material edges

2. Solvent-based Primer:

Using solvent based primers will become necessary in different fields. Challenges resulting from that were mastered by us multiple times in the past. Following things need to be considered:

Explosion protection of the plant, or EX-protection of roller coating machines in short. The solvent-based primers usually have an extremely low flashpoint, that makes the usage of EX-protected motors, sensors, circuitry, etc. necessary. We can assure this also in cooperation with specialized audit companies. This of course does have it’s price, but sometimes it’s not possible otherwise.

Die lösemittelhaltigen Primer haben in der Regel einen extrem niedrigen Flammpunkt, der den Einsatz von EX-geschützten Motoren, Sensoren, Schaltung.... nötig macht. Dies können wir auch in Zusammenarbeit mit Prüfgesellschaften sicherstellen. Das Ganze hat seinen Preis, aber manchmal geht es nicht anders.

Keeping the viscosity stable. As additional point, it needs to be considered, that the solvents volatilize and thus the viscosity will change. That’s why it’s mandatory to monitor the viscosity and to adapt it with the addition of solvent. Otherwise you take the risk of the application amount changing through the change in viscosity.

Solvent-based primers and the rubber coating of rollers.Depending on the producer of the primer and the type of primer, the mixture of the solvents are a challenge for the rubber mixtures of the roller coaters. We always examine the compatibility of the rubber mixtures and the used primers in advance. Currently we got over 80 different rubber mixtures in use, so mostly a existing rubber can be found for the different types of primer.

Areas of application:

  • Plastic material edge industry
  • Footwear industry

To verify if we can offer the right solution for your primer application, a test in our technical center is an important step.

Should we have sparked your interest, please get into contact with us and arrange a testing day at our place in Oberkochen.

Coating or gluing of foam material

The processing of foamed material is diverse and omnipresent.

Doesn’t matter if PUR, XPS or EPS, Axel Wirth Maschinen produces machines and plants for the coating of foam material. This includes plants for the production of:

  • Insulating boards or cassettes
  • Mattresses
  • Dashboards in the automotive industry
  • Padded furniture
  • Packaging
  • Car seats
  • Neck supports
  • Vending cart production
  • Caravan production

Usually it’s about adhesive application or gluing processes. For this often times the dosing roller machine type DWO is used. Especially in the foam material area, shear force sensitive glues are common. Often times this affects the dashboard-, mattress-, car seat or padded furniture industry. Therefor Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH developed several solutions together with the glue manufacturers.

Besides the application without development of shear force, also the supply of glue is solved on a considerate level. But also in the area of insulation material we had some homework to solve.

Applying cold PU glue to glue foam material and aluminum. With an open time of 40 minutes we’re able to process the PU glues with our LW 100 and LW 120. The rubber of the rollers is specially produced, so that the PU glue’s cleaners won’t damage the rubber.

Functional coatings are often being used in the area of insulation materials, which are water-based, but has it’s drawbacks with having a fast drying and granularity. Foam material manufacturers from several countries rely on the experience and quality of Axel Wirth Maschinen since many years.

Of course you can test your requirements in our technical center and recreate your processes on our laboratory plants.

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