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The "Wirth" 1500mm metering roller coater is the new member of the successful range of equipment for economical and reliable surface application.

Here are the key technical data:

For the application of cold glues, adhesives, lacquers and other cold liquid media.

1 - and/or 2-sided application
Quick-change roller system for flexible application machine use.
Roller change within 5 minutes.

Sturdy design with state-of-the-art motor technology

Essential parts made of V2A

Line or single operation is possible

Applicator roller Ø 240 mm

Drive 1,5 KW -
Servo motor
Speed 5 - 35 m/min

Metering roller Ø 168 mm

Drive 1,5 KW -
Servo motor
Speed 5 - 35 m/min

Back pressure roller Ø 240 mm
Drive 1,5 KW -
Servo motor
Speed 5 - 35 m/min

Working height
850 mm +/-50 mm

Clearance height
1 – 100 mm

Working height adjustment by servo motor

Operation via HMI


  • Different pumps for filling the machine
  • Motorische Einstellung des Dosierspalts
  • Recipe management

Keep an eye on our product overview. Our machine can be adjusted and customized to your needs. Of course, we are always personally available for you if you have any questions.


Here you can find our company brochure as a PDF. Information about us, our company and what we offer you.



The Innovative LED + X dryer from "Wirth"

As an extension of our machine program, we have picked up on customer requests together with the well-known paint manufacturer Saicos and developed a NEW LED + X drying system.

Together with ingenieurs from SAICOS we analyced the needs of costumers and supliers and the result ist the new LED drying system as an ideal complement for the SAICOS LED+X Technologie.

With the new "Wirth" LED + X dryer you can now

  • • Save energy
  • • Avoid ozone
  • • Dry cold
  • • extend maintenance intervals

So far, LED hardened oil surfaces have not been competitive in properties with oxidative, hybrid or UV-oiled surfaces.

The interplay of the newly developed formula and pioneering technology in the lighting segment now leads to a result that is of high quality, energy-efficient and durable.

  • Suitable for drying specially adjusted LED oils and LED paints
  • Wavelength 365 Nm - others are available
  • Lamp power 8 W
  • Illuminants are air-cooled
  • Mounted on a conveyor belt
  • Length 2000 mm
  • Width 450 mm
  • Drive 0.37 KW
  • Infinitely variable 3 - 25 m / min via frequency converter
  • Tape monitoring, LED + X lamps only turn on - when the conveyor belt is running
  • Disntance to the wood 25 - 30 mm

Advantages of the LED + X technology

  • Minimal energy consumption
  • 300 W at LED + X drying opposite 20,000 W for UV standard UV lamps
  • Minimal temperature effect on the workpiece
  • No more boil-up of the pigments
  • No boiling of resin
  • Longevity of the bulbs
  • Lifespan up to 15x longer compared to standard UV lamps
  • Ozone-free drying

Working width 300 mm

  • Mounted on a conveyor belt with a length of 2000 mm.
  • Belt drive 0.37 KW
  • Total energy demand of the dryer incl. Conveyor technology is approx. 1 KW
  • Working height 850 mm +/- 50 mm adjustable
  • Machine frame is powder coated
  • Mobile on wheels, braked

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