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Distributor Conveyor ( oiling line )

Infinitely variable roller pressure of the roller applicator and pliable roller surfaces apply oil regularly on and in wood. Often used as finishing line for parquet and furniture. Oiled floors went more and more popular in the past, and we are happy about beeing part in many parquet factories producing oiled floors. The Wirth -…
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UV Lamp

Oil and colour manufacturers offer special UV-oils. After application and having been exposed to UV-light, the surface of the wood is dry.Application of UV-oils and UV-lacquers is done by our roller applicator DDWO and/or DWO.Successively to our distributor conveyor, there is installed a special UV-projector above the transport belt. Wavelength is determined by the oil…
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Cylindric Brush

The cylindric brush can be used as an additional component with suction top during transport before the heating or on the distributor conveyor for special purposes, e.g. stain application.Just like for all tops on the “WIRTH”-transport belts, there is an infinitely variable height adjustment by means of a hand wheel.Brushes can be removed by a…
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