Oil and colour manufacturers offer special UV-oils. After application and having been exposed to UV-light, the surface of the wood is dry.

Application of UV-oils and UV-lacquers is done by our roller applicator DDWO and/or DWO.

Successively to our distributor conveyor, there is installed a special UV-projector above the transport belt. Wavelength is determined by the oil manufacturer. Wood is transported under the UV-projector for immediate hardening.

For the production of UV-oiled surfaces, we proceed in general as follows:

DDWO application of the base coat
Distributor conveyorequalizing of blotchy looking spots in the wood
UV-dryingdrying of the base coat
Sanding brushessmoothing the surface
Cleaning brushremoval of abrasive dust
DWOapplication of the top coat
UV-dryinghardening of the top coat


With the “Wirth” UV-dryer you can dry UV-oils, UV-filler, UV-lacquer and other media with photoinitiators.

Gallium and / or mercury lamps can be used, depending on customer’s requirements.

For surfaces which are temperature sensitive, you can use also IR filters or indirect radiation on the substrate.

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