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Spraying Machine SPW 400

The new spraying machine SPW 400 from Axel Wirth Maschinen is the first choice for spray application of non-explosion-proofed  materials like oil, pigmented and acrylic lacquers and matt or glossy varnishes. This new SPW 400 is also suitable for  water based products like pigmented stains, dispersions and even cold glue types.

Its extremely steady and durable construction grants proper results even on solid and heavy profiles, architraves, staves,
skirtings, and gluelam, if these are required to be coated on three sides in one run. Less weighing items keep fixed by
springy supported mountings, feeded on non-skid conveyor belt.

The construction of SPW 400 is easily accessible and therefore quickly cleanable. That´s not only time and money
saving, but also second to none. The new spraying machine SPW 400 is first choice if reliability and professionalism
counts. Constructed for stand-alone placement, but also appropriate to be part of a complete processing line.

Axel Wirth Maschinen is first class specialist for surface application on demand. We are offering all needed
peripheral devices for oil based surface coating – from distribution to drying units, no matter if UV or conventional
ovens. Fulfillment – from Axel Wirth Maschinen.

Advantages oft he new SPW 400:

  • spray area visible from 4 sides
  • inlet air via top opening and front side cowling grants safe flow of spray material
  • comfortable and spacious construction offers easy access to all machine parts, thus enabling a quick and easy cleaning
  • suitable for up to 4 spray guns, to be fixed on cyclopaedicly adjustable mountings
  • swivel mounted control panel for easiest adjustment
  • simple operation, also with programmable SPS unit on demand
  • conveyor belt transmission infinitely adjustable irrespective from spray settings
  • springy supported mountings and non-skid conveyer belt for secure positioning of work pieces
  • secure work place and clean work pieces by ergonomic design of spraying machine to avoid undesired overspray and contamination.
  • simplest replacement of filter media by comfortable drawer construction
Spraying Machine SPW 400 Details
minimum workpiece length 400 mm
maximum workpiece length  endless
min / max workpiece height  4 - 100 mm
conveyor speed  10-90 m/min
filter  2 Filter
overall dimension 3900 x 1200 x 1700mm
Aworking height 850 mm
 weight 675 Kg
 installed power 0,55 KW
 extraction volume
2500 x 4000 m³/h

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