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Color Robot

The Color Robot is ideal for four-side application of paint onto long, narrow wooden strips, boards or panels and other narrow workpieces. Paints, varnishes and glazes can be processed.

Developed by the master painter Herman and exclusively distributed by Axel Wirth.


Color rollers and brushes are adjusted continuously to the wood thickness for sprung contact pressure . All tools are manually impregnated with color before the start. Color is given on the inside bottom of the Color Robot.

Respectively one non-driven color roller, installed horizontally top and bottom, vertically right and left,  roll the paint on the surfaces. The brushes installed successively in running direction paint the color on the surfaces and in any profile.

The amount depends on the overflow you set. In this color runs the lower horizontal roller. About a distribution channel in the device cover, the upper horizontal color roller is wetted.

A receptacle for color feed from the top and for capturing the color under the overflow is included.
The panel is horizontally inserted into the apparatus and removed horizontally on the other side.
In breaks, the inlet and outlet ports are closed by the appended hinged lids.

The color rollers are fitted on removable shafts. Per plug-in system tools can be extended in height and width. Its basic configuration includes the color rollers of 200 x 150 mm and brushes for 100 mm width and 100 mm height. The high-quality Chinese pig bristle brushes are placed on removable shafts.

To clean with water or turpentine, the individual parts are easily accessible. The tools are quickly removable.

Maximum working width 300 mm - maximum working height 150 mm
Dimensions: placed 165 cm long, 144 cm high, 59 cm wide when folded 140 cm long, 42 cm high

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