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Gloss paintwork on plastic material edges

Gloss paintwork on plastic material edgesFurniture edges with UV gloss paintworkAvailable as modular piece or as whole plant for the use of gloss paintwork on furniture edges, with an UV-dryer. The trend of gloss-painting plastic material edges still persists as strong as ever. As new addition the product range, Axel Wirth Maschinen developed a new method which…
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Fliesen mit Kleber beschichten – Walzenauftrag in der Steinzeugindustrie

Coating tiles with glue – 1,5kg tiles-glue/m² We coat everything! That’s the motto of Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH Besides working with wood, plastics, metal, foamed materials and many other materials, we now succesfully have put several projects with concrete sludge and tile glue into operation. For this pupose, the tiles are coated wit hglue and…
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The Innovative LED + X dryer from “Wirth”

  The Innovative LED + X dryer from "Wirth" As an extension of our machine program, we have picked up on customer requests together with the well-known paint manufacturer Saicos and developed a NEW LED + X drying system. [metaslider id=5037] Together with ingenieurs from SAICOS we analyced the needs of costumers and supliers and…
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