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Disk Roller Conveyor SR

The "Wirth" disk roller conveyors consist of a tray in stainless steelwith retainers for up to 7 axles.On these axles, disks in stainless steel are mounted.Those disks offer a minimum contact surface after the glue application, so that most of the glue quantity applied stays on the work piece during transport.After work, disks can easily…
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Almost forgotten is the soaping of furniture and floors.In Scandinavia this is a standard procedure in order to protect wood. On the one hand, there are ready-made industrial soaps, which can be applied by the WIRTH-roller applicators without any problem. On the other hand some customers mix their soap themselves. Depending on the viscosity of…
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Axel Wirth Maschinen GmbH have been producing roller applicators since 1986.The most important tool is here, of course, the application roller. In close cooperation with a roller coating company, rubber surfaces have been developed during many years. Supported by the unique quick dismounting system of the roller applicator, the customer gets a variety of tools…
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